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Question: How Do I Transfer My Domain?

Answer: There are 2 steps to transfer your domain to Digitalzones. First you must request that your registrar (company you purchased your domain name from) change the DNS info for your web site to:

First Name Server: ns1.0catch.com
First IP address if needed:

Second Name Server: ns2.0catch.com
Second IP address if needed:

Once your domain registrar has completed the update of the DNS info (Which can take up to 48 hours), you can then redirect your domain to an existing account, or you can sign up for a new account using your domain name.

If you would sign up for a new account using your domain please go to www.digitalzones.com and select domain hosting and choose "I already own a domain" and sign up.

Non Redirection Domain Hosting:

If you sign up a new account using "I already own a domain", you will be offered email@yourdomain.com. Please go to our main page and click on "Free Domain Hosting" and choose: "I already have a Domain" and sign up for your account.

Domain Redirection:

If you redirect your domain, you can only have email@yoursubdomain.digitalzones.com. Not email@yourdomain.com.

If you would like to redirect your domain to an existing account, please log into your existing account and click on "Domain Redirection" From the User Manager page, and enter your domain name. This will allow you to use your current URL something.digitalzones.com as well as your domain name yourdomain.com.

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