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Answer: If you had a web site and are now getting a file not found error when trying to access your site it is most likely because we removed it from our network. We delete sites that are abusing our service so that those who use the service as it is intended have fast reliable service. We delete websites with the following file types if we feel they are abusing us: exe, ra, rar, zip, mp3, mpeg, midi, wav, ace bogus jpg, and others. We delete hundreds of web sites per day and will not hesitate to delete any website abusing our service. You are welcome to sign up again and abide by the terms of service.

We remove free web sites that have been inactive for 45 days.

Free accounts may NOT have any files over 1Mb. This is considered storage of file, since you can not use them with your website. We do not allow image only sites, or image galleries on Free accounts. Free accounts may have a few music files to use with your web site, not for downloading purposes. This is the same with all the file types listed above.
Exceptions: NO mp3's or .exe files for free accounts.

Paid account customers may have any file types. There are no file type restrictions. Paid accounts are only removed for adult content, Fraudulent sites, warez or copyright issues, etc...

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